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About Us
State-of-the art equipment and technology can’t stand alone. That’s why our team is made up of the most knowledgeably trained crew in the area; a crew that has been trained by world recognizable institutions in all aspects of automotive collision and mechanical repair. As for training, it never ends for our crew. Our team maintains a continuous training program to stay ahead of new innovations in the automotive repair industry. We know this training is a necessity so that we can give you the quality service that you demand from a leader like us.

Working families today are very dependent on their vehicles. Customers expect fast, reliable and professional service. We continuously provide such services, and know our customers need their vehicles returned as quickly as possible. Our facility was specifically designed to allow orchestrated vehicle repair scheduling.

We also know that trust is a concern for customers. We have addressed this concern by hiring only highly motivated personnel who share in our personal commitment of customer trust and satisfaction. Our team at B.C.S. realizes that the customer is the person they work for, and this team is dedicated to providing reliable service as well as protecting the personal rights of our customers. Customers can be assured that their personal belongings will remain safe and secure while their vehicle is undergoing repairs. Where else can a customer go to find a trusted friend in the automotive repair industry?

When you have to be inconvenienced with automobile repairs, bring your vehicle in to a place that makes you feel welcomed and comfortable; a place which keeps you informed on your vehicle’s progress; a place where people are willing to advise you with knowledgeable details; a place where you know they will provide high quality work and guarantee what they deliver. Most of all, bring your vehicle to a place you can trust.

Bellevue Collision Services Staff

Fast, Friendly and Professional Service is always our goal. “Experience the difference.